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John Brown
ICAW Documented Art Space


Hendre Ddyfrgi Harlech
Gwynedd LL46 2TR



0777 634 8818

Part of my art practice since 1994 is to develop ICAW an Artists’ Network to bring artists together by mounting Exhibition and Residences to connect and share, art, and celebrate, question, and explore ideas as a cross-cultural experiential activity.


I work in a very small studio, and that influences my ideas of construction and the idea of using selected common materials and ready-made objects. It is an essential part of the choice of media that I use. I think it reflects my individual philosophy of freeing myself from the shackles of the artist’s studio. I use objects as motifs that I feel work formally in the composition as a transfiguration process. 


John Brown 2014


Studio 2017

Fluctuating Mind Round Midnight

Drawing on cartridge paper, cardboard boxes, led lights, installation with possibilities for intervention. 250 x 400 x 400cm


Fluctuating Mind Round Midnight.


This work is composed from motifs that refer figuratively to  my nearest and dearest, but hint ‘celebrity’ stripped bare perhaps? Sealed cardboard boxes refer perhaps to ‘WHAT?’


My work emanates from my own concerns, e.g  the work idea here originates from the  Theolonius Monk work ‘Round Midnight’ 1944.   It is not meant to answer questions or make definitive statements, but deals with sensitivities to everyday life experiences, which are for the individual to interpret and experience for him/herself.  I am caught in the perpetual Chocolate Machine syndrome in Marcel Duchamp’s ‘Large Glass’. Addicted to unravelling the idea of ‘Precise Ambiguity’ concerned about Wittgenstein's statement that there is no such thing as an individual language, when I am engaged in making work which can be interpreted as having truths, lies and meaning specific to every onlooker.


Artist/Director ICAW  based in Harlech, Wales, UK currently developing Real-Time based work using Skype to make REAL-TIME Skype Art Connect meetings with Artists in Europe.

I consider the ICAW Documented Art Space Project which is to develop and mount Visual Arts Exhibitions and Residencies in Wales and venues in Europe as a 'celebration of our cultural differences' has become part of my Art Practice.





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