ICAW Documented Art Space

Mission concept


The project seeks to explore a contemporary nexus of time,place and person(s) to facilitate conversation, exchange ideas, trade or other communication through contemporary International art practice. Working in an International environment the aim is to create opportunities with European venues (either IN or OUT of the White Box)to show work of Wales artists. This will  create a platform for exchange to use Contemporary Visual Art Practice as a conduit to  open doors to share and celebrate our cultural differences.


New Media Art

REAL-TIME NetConnect International symposiums, where artists’,work can now take place in REAL-TIME where:


             Picture -State - Place

become transported over unlimited geographical distances via the ether of the digital age.

The artists will explore the realisation of visual ideas using REAL-TIME platforms such as Skype REAL-TIME NetConnect as a medium in its own right. Although the REAL-TIME works will be realised through camera lenses the resultant art work will be conceptually distinct from either photography or video. The rendezvous implied by the project, reflects our focus as artists’ networks being analogous to the viral , neurological and geographical worlds referenced, and increasingly augmented by mobile devices and interactive information design. The verisimilitude of Satnav, the iPhone/Smart phone and Skype are a reality and an illusionistic projection/imposition of order; the works will explore the ephemeral phenomenon of the real and ephemeral within a broad interpretation of the theme.



John Brown 2010

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