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INCONTRO 2018/19  A Trieste Italy, Harlech Wales Artists Project


Visual Art Message in a Capsule.


Franco Vecchiet and Patrizia Bigarella, based in Trieste Italy, invite Andrew Smith and John Brown to meet in Trieste. Here the project of sending art in a capsule originated from an idea of Franco Vecchiet took shape.


The artists see INCONTRO in different ways according to their own work practice, but are unified in the benefits of sharing by sending cultural experiences as a form of messages across geographical distances and boundaries.


The rendezvous implied by the project, reflects our focus as artists, whose works are increasingly augmented, by mobile devices, and interactive information design; to take stock and to revert to the traditional mode of delivering work by 'snail mail'.


With this in mind, INCONTRO 2018/19 Project seeks to send works contained in capsule packaging. The physicality of the works will in some ways be counter to the digital experience. We are engaged in exploration of the phenomenon of the real, including aspects of the ephemeral content within a broad interpretation of the theme.


The verisimilitude of Satnav the iPhone/Smart Phone and Skype are a reality, and an illusionistic projection/imposition of order. We will be seeking to set up Digital REAL_TIME connections between INCONTRO exhibitions connecting Bangor and Harlech Wales and Trieste Italy in audience participation  meetings in REAL-TIME with venues in Europe.  The aim, to facilitate cohesion between the REAL-TIME Digital and the REAL-SPACE - OBJECT experience, open up dialogue and make connections with our Artists’ Network colleagues throughout Europe.




John Brown ICAW July 2018


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