ICAW Documented Art Space  Aims

We aim to promote cultural understanding between peoples of the European Community in a practical manner by organising International Visual Arts Exhibitions with Outreach Programmes that are designed to be community inclusive events.

The ICAW Documented Art Space Associates are convinced that for the European Ideal to be realised, regional cultural identity is an important factor. The space in a region required for this sense of belonging could best be accomplished through the knowledge of, and interaction between, peoples with differing cultural and historical backgrounds.

It is our belief that it is not necessary or desirable for European culture to become a homogenous unit, but that it is necessary for cultures to be allowed the room and confidence to grow and develop and maintain their special identities while taking an active part in a fast moving world.

The aim of ICAW Documented Art Space is not to reaffirm culture of the past, but to encourage growth and development out of the conditions that we find ourselves in today. In a real sense we seek to act as a bridge for the interaction of thoughts and ideas between Europe and Global regions.

The implications of setting up cultural bridges, are that conditions arise for mutual co-operation in seeking economic development through a greater knowledge of each other’s cultural and historic background. The real benefits come from the opportunity to meet and develop networks and markets, and to establish dialogue between regions through personal contact in an environment conducive to positive interaction.

We believe that the Visual Arts and Design can play a major role in the economic development of a region through its ability to involve the community in innovative creative processes across the cultural spectrum.

Documented Art Space