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CAM Casoria Contemporary Art Museum Dec 2015

REAL_TIME an exhibition exploring the use of Skype REAL-TIME Art Connect, New Media Art, Performance, Interactive Art, Art and Language, with contemporary works.
10 artists from Wales invited to exhibit by Artist/Director/Curator CAM Antonio Manfredi, curated by Angela Davies and Antonio Manfredi coming together to meet and develop the idea of NetCAM Museum in Network founded by Antonio Manfredi (Italy) and Alma Idrizi (Macedonia).

REAL_TIME follows on from a successful exhibition in Strzeminsky Academy, Lodz, Poland in 2014. ICAW Plans to follow these two events to put on REAL-TIME Cafe Art Meetings joining a venue in Wales with one in Europe,to show and perhaps emulate the liberating idea of the Dada movement in Cafe Odeon and Cabaret Voltaire where artists and their work confronted and involved audiences to create a dynamic which closed the space between the artist, the art work, and the viewer.

Using Skype as a visual communication platform to connect venues across geographic distances in a Low Cost Low Carbon High Tech means of sharing contemporary cultural issues.